Holiday hours: January 23 to February 13th 2024 CLOSED inclusive **If your preferred date/time slot is unavailable, please send an email to with your preferred appointment date and time.

Acu Corner was created to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions with the intention to uncover and remediate the true cause of unexplained acute and chronic ailments that plague you.
Transform dis-ease into Ease.
Karen Sze is both a registered acupuncturist and a holistic health practitioner who is well versed in uncovering the root of your conditions. She combines pragmatism and her intuition to her unique treatments.
It's time to work together, for your health and well-being.
For NEW clients: Please book Initial plus 3 follow-up appointments, approximately 1 week apart to ensure your continued care. These appointments can be cancelled, if not needed after the initial appointment with no penalty. 

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